Why task

Why Task?

Create micro-economies recording action and providing reward for the activities that matter to you.

Task provides a 360 degree service that unleashes the power of crowds to get work done.

Start with a Community account that's free forever and get your teams making impact.

Capture anywhere

Capture Remote Data

All your data collected

Whether you run business teams, field reps or are simply an individual working on your own project, Task can be setup in seconds to capture any type of data.

Mobile everywhere

Mobile devices are in the pockets of almost everyone on the planet. Turn them into data capture devices to help the needs of your business.

Data 2

Improve performance

Data from activities are stored in per-client reporting databases that can be queried to create bespoke, real time analytics.

User defined dashboards allow for real time analysis of activities and events. Generate reports that prove the performance of organisations or individuals.


Proof of work

Get rewards to the people that deserve them most. That means you need confidence that work has been fully delivered.

Setup independent verification teams who can assess and make decisions on work quality.


Low cost rewards

Create micro-economies using blockchain tokens to provide tracked payments betwen stakeholders.

Create any number of redeem offers against your tokens - cash, vouchers donations are just some of the options you can provide your teams with.


Non-intrusive tracking

Understanding staff activity and performance against KPI’s is a top priority for anyone managing a remote or distributed workforce.

Solving this issue without employees left feeling less motivated by intrusive monitoring is a common problem.

Energising rewards

Encourage user engagement by letting your team record activities in exchange for rewards you define. Easy, quick completion of activities generates the management reporting thats required without hindering performance. 

Embed into current habits

Your teams already use their mobiles for a multitude of activities - asking them to the Task app is non-intrusive and will manage your daily, weekly and monthly activities that align with your business KPI’s.