Attract and retain donors

Finding new donors is tough. What if you could convert existing donors into regular givers and turn them into your marketing team?


Differentiate through transparency

Transparency through blockchain and real-time updates to retain and grow your donor community.

Improved productivity

Save valuable administrative time with mobile technology that allows you to connect with your volunteer teams.

Strengthen relationships

Give donors real-time insight into how their money is being used, fostering long term relationships.

Attract new donors

Informed donors become your ambassadors, spread the word and attract new supporters.


Building blocks that ensure your nonprofit can maximise productivity whilst increasing fundraising.

Team engagement

Get the best out of your teams with user profiles & leaderboards, reward systems, activity reporting, and program centric community chat.

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Blockchain & cryptocurrencies

Access to fintech features such as smart contracting, low-cost global payment services, token economics, and a digital wallet.

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Remote data collection

New data that’s geolocated, verified and takes advantage of out of the box integrations to Google and a number of enterprise applications.

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Reporting & analytics

Consolidate all your impact data and display it on social & environmental impact dashboards, share your success far and wide.

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Customer story

Learn how a leading nonprofit is using Task to connect with their remote teams and show their donors how funds are being used.

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  • “Task has given ACTAsia the possibility to grow the program and to have it seen. The technology has allowed us to be able to manage a larger network and increase the potential reach whilst maintaining the quality of work.”
    Dong Jie Tan (ACTAsia), Project Lead for Veterinary Training

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