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Develop a brand where staff want to stay and your customers love you

We'll help you build an engagement programme that connects with your teams and makes them a part of your social and sustainability mission.


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Employee engagement presents a powerful opportunity to combine well-being and environmental goals with financial success.

Happy employees

A motivated and productive team who are able to make a difference.

Loyalty all-round

A brand that staff want to remain with and customers want to buy from.

Brand leadership

An inspiration propelling other organisations to create change.

Address the triple bottom line

We understand the importance of including the workforce in your social mission - and that fulfilled working lives significantly contribute to business success.

Research shows that having a comprehensive employee engagement strategy is actually more important to achieving Corporate Social Responsibility results than having a CSR policy itself.


9-in-10 millennials would switch brands to one associated with a social cause.

  • Mike
    “Task has been instrumental in helping us engage with young players on our PROv3 program. Members are able to see, in real time, what activities the players are involved in, where they are training and how they are performing.”
    Mike James
    Director, EveryBall UK

Tailored programmes made easy

Our team are ready to help you define a plan that aligns with your vision.

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    Implementation support

    We work with you to ensure the maximum benefit across your business.

How we look after you

A comprehensive service that leaves you in control.

A no-obligation custom plan developed just for you

Monthly payment plans you can cancel anytime

Free analytics dashboards provided with annual commitments

A dedicated Account Manager and phone support


Brand reputation

Injecting social purpose into your brand is a key step to improving performance.

Motivate your employees to strive towards your definition of business success.


Sustainable Development Goals

Many organisations want to track against the SDGs but are not sure how to.

We can help you report on your progress with our custom analytics dashboards.

Don't risk losing people and profit by ignoring the value of an engaged team

Now is the time to unleash an effective engagement strategy that avoids brand damage, stops employees joining the competition, and ensures your organisation does not fail to meet social and environmental targets.

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  • Proof of work

    Combine blockchain powered audit trails with mobile tracking technology to help demonstrate genuine impact.
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  • Community & content

    Ensure high impact results by letting more people contribute, providing meaning and buy-in with network effects.
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  • Insights & analytics

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