Camp fire

Engage employees with Task Ignite

Company cultures where making a difference is second nature. Where happy employees give more time to the things that matter.

The lifeblood of your organisation are the people in it. Employee engagement creates happier teams with more energy who’ll drive you towards your social targets.

Missions aligned

Build meaning into your brand with your organisations teams working together to create impact, aligned to your social targets

Happier employees

Encourage positive behaviour - such as reducing plastic use, increased exercise, healthier diets or social giving - to create happier employees.

Magnetic workplace

Gain insight into employee health and mindset, and create a working environment that today’s social conscious workforce are attracted to.

9-in-10 millennials would switch brands to one associated with a social cause.

Millennial switch

Encourage the change makers

Let your employees become the super hero's. Launch new initiatives in minutes with activities to track and rewards to gamify the experience.

Watch the team compete with visual leaderboards, and allow everyone to share out your brands success on all social networks


Impact from the ground up

Create tailored projects that encourage employees to engage in positive actions and behaviour whilst rewarding their effort.

Unleash team cultures where making a difference is second nature and work environments are places happy employees are able to give time to the things that matter.


Brands with social purpose

Your company's social mission is an open and energising agenda that should engage all employees as part of the journey.

As they drive change for themselves and the business, this ongoing success is reflected in the positive reputation of your brand and identity.


Support the Sustainable Development Goals.

Team Ignite tracks progress against UN SDGs, as well as other indexes such as GRI and DJSI.

Link your project to one or more goals - track and collect verified data sets that beautifully portray your organisations SDG progress in real-time.

  • Mike
    “Implementing Task at Everyball has energised our team, automated reporting - and opened new funding opportunities to improve the top line of our business.”
    Mike James
    Director, EveryBall UK

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