About us

Task's technology provides insights to help consumers, employees and donors make better decisions through transparency.

Our backgrounds combine technology, start-ups, social enterprise and more - with a great team of investors and advisors.


Meet the team

Steve square

Steve Walker

Founder & CEO

My mission is to leverage technology in ways that create better outcomes in peoples lives.

Matt square

Matt Rickard

Co-founder & COO

I'm driving to support social progress by putting technology into the hands of people who make a difference with the work they are doing.

Aboutus mohd
Mohd Sameer
Head of Development
Aboutus kik
Kik Khaowphong
Customer Success
Aboutus amber
Amber Fisher
Mobile Developer
Aboutus nik
Nikolaus Heger
Blockchain Development

Brand ambassadors

Key investors & advisors

Aboutus alanr
Alan Laubsh
Investor / Advisor
Aboutus simran
Simran Mulchandani
Investor / Advisor
Aboutus venkyr
Venkatesh Sethuraman
Investor / Advisor
Aboutus stever
Steve Gibbons
Investor / Advisor
Aboutus p
Pádraig Flynn
Investor / Advisor
Aboutus tina
Tina Kapur
Investor / Advisor
Aboutus melr
Greg Holden
Investor / Partner
Aboutus lisa
Lisa Powis
Aboutus dan
Daniel Swid
Aboutus samira
Samira Khan
Aboutus brian
Brian Goldberg
Aboutus karlr
Karl Walker
Aboutus oliver
Oliver Wagg
Aboutus simon
Simon Meyer

Our story

March 2021

Task reaches the final Stellar Seed Fund, and the integration with Blackbad goes live launching Task as an offical ISV partner.

January 2021

Mobile app supports Blockchain Awards and Peer to Peer payments, as well as Chinese, Thai and Khmer language sets.

September 2020

Task join The Accelerator Network to drive a third seed round with Lisa Powis joining the advisory board.

April 2020

Launch of Task workflows to help the Food Bank sector provide relief effort support during Covid.

November 2019

Onboarding of a number of new clients spanning corporate Team engagement as well as large brands providing funds to great causes supported via Task.

July 2019

Launch of Blockchain fund tracking and the Discovery area providing a place for Funders to browse and support projects.

April 2019

Second seed round to provide further product development and to build out early client base.

February 2019

Commercial team in place to execute a sales and marketing strategy focused on client acquisition and brand development.

November 2018

Beta product arrives with Stellar Blockchain payments and first paying client.

July 2018

Initial seed round raised allowing the business to invest in the development team and build the minimum viable product.

May 2018

CEO Steve Walker presented the Task concept and prototype at the Earthpulse conference in Bangkok.