Connect your teams with your social missions

Mobile-first technology powered by blockchain. Gather data, provide user incentives, and report on the social impact created.

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What Task does

Tasks mobile app gathers data from your teams in the field and sends it to your favourite reporting tools for management visibility.

Remote visibility

By gathering information using our mobile app, it will feel like your remote teams are sitting next to you

Management insight

Now you have all the data in real-time ready to make the best decisions to drive business success

Happier teams

Deploy rewards and social engagement where you choose to energise and inspire your teams

Marketing stories

Use activities tracked to tell the stories of your brand with real-time social media updates

Task for Nonprofits

Attract and retain donors through programe management that engages and excites your volunteers - connects and integrates with donor management systems like Blackbaud.

As a Blackbaud Premier Partner, Task builds custom solutions to boost the performance of your nonprofit organisation. Book a free consultation now.

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Task for Sustainability and CSR

Make your employees a key part of your social missions. Connect with, educate and inspire them to become the hero's in your sustainability journey.

As a Support The Goals partner, Task simplifies the road to tracking and reporting on the UN SDGs. Book a free consultation now.

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Customer stories

Learn how our customers are improving their missions using Task.

What some of our customers say

We want to inspire and empower as many vets as possible in China to support each other and have access to the newest practices, the latest techniques and the underpinning knowledge to improve the care of animals within their practice.

Dawn Peacock
Director of Programmes, ACTAsia

What we really needed was the ability to collect data and measure impact and it was important to satisfy all the actors in the education ecosphere - children, teachers, administrators and donors. Task’s flexibility in the design process was also critical so we could easily manage our own programs.

Simran Mulchandani
Founder, Project Rangeet

More time,
less hassle

Forget about paper forms

Digital data gets captured in real time for management reporting and analytics and never gets lost in transit

Make your business more efficient and profitable

Use Task workflows to create the next step for your team when one activity has been completed, saving time and brain energy.

Stop wasting time chasing up team members

Let Task push notifications remind your teams for you. Stay connected all the time where ever your team is operating.

Stop remote workers losing motivation or feeling disconnected

With Task your teams can get social - comment and share updates. You can reward workers with points for prizes and keep your teams engaged.

See your remote teams’ productivity

Task gives you eyes in the field. You are able to view the activities of your remote teams in real time .

Save the marketing department time and money

Use the data and images gathered for social media and marketing purposes to promote your brand or appeal to donors if you’re running a non profit.

Report against industry indicators

Out of the box reporting against indicators such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals to track your team and organisations progress.

Get your branded messages out to the world

Turn Task into your own company app to engage both employees and supporters alike. Engage across the entire organisation and keep everyone informed.

Tasks mobile technology makes management easier, teams happier and supporters informed. It makes purpose-driven organisations more efficient and productive. Task gives you the data you need to make informed decisions for future growth.

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