Gain insights from a distance

Develop a deeper understanding about what is really going on by gathering and verifying remote data.


Proof of work

An organisation underpinned by stronger audit-trails

Team appreciation

Understand the stars in your teams and reward them

Critical reports

On the ground information to share with stakeholders

Boost understanding

Better decision making thanks to real-time analytics


How remote data gathering works

Fast and flexible

Quick setup of activities from the desktop let you define the data you want to gather. Images, text, measurements, list selections can be requested from your team working on the ground.

Mobile collection

Your team use the Task mobile app to collect the information, complete with geolocation and user details. The collected information can be optionally verified by your team before it is signed off.

  • Mike
    “Task has been instrumental in helping us engage with young players on our PROv3 program. Members are able to see, in real time, what activities the players are involved in, where they are training and how they are performing.”
    Mike James
    Director, EveryBall UK

What to expect

Data security

Task is GDPR compliant and committed to the very best security practices thanks to a team with a track record in data storage.

Fast onboarding

Using mobile technology reduces the training requirements for your team, and where necessary we provide you with training support.

Better information

Combining your remote data gathering plan with team rewards, you can increase the desire and motivation to collect the information consistently.

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  • Remote data collection

    Develop a deeper understanding about what is really going on by gathering and verifying remote data.
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  • Proof of work

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