Harness the power of Blockchain economics

Now social enterprises can develop robust economic models. Unlock the investment potential of your social and environmental programs.


Smart tech for scaled impact

Using blockchain technology we help you manage the economics of your social enterprise in a single platform.

Increase revenues

Access to buyers market where donors and investors can add to your revenues by purchasing your impact

Scale fast

Decentralising the verification of impact allows for faster and wider scale of your operation at lower operational costs

Secure grants

Gather the data you need to secure apply for large grant funding that’s needed to scale your enterprise

Behavioural change

Community self-governance and behaviours are driven through economic models aligned to your mission.

Improve productivity

Engaged teams track their impact with tools to communicate, connect and collaborate.

Connect consumers

Let your customers gain insight into your supply chains and the way you operate as an organisation.


The building blocks that removes friction from your social enterprise allowing it to scale.

Team engagement

Get the best out of your teams with user profiles & leaderboards, reward systems, activity reporting, and program centric community chat.

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Blockchain & cryptocurrencies

Access to fintech features such as smart contracting, low-cost global payment services, token economics, and a digital wallet.

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Remote data collection

New data that’s geolocated, verified and takes advantage of out of the box integrations to Google and a number of enterprise applications.

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Reporting & analytics

Consolidate all your impact data and display it on social & environmental impact dashboards, share your success far and wide.

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Customer success

Read how a Cambodian based social enterprise is introducing new farming methods to benefit the planet and yield better economic results.

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  • “Integrating no-till agriculture and cover crops into cropping systems is one step towards a transition to an environmentally friendly production system that can provide solutions rather than create more problems.”
    Marc Eberle, Founder Smart Agro

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