Blockchain audit trails

Store proof of impact from tracked activities in a blockchain ledger system.

Increase trust

Differentiate yourself from greenwashing organisations through proof of impact

Paper trail

Longterm audit trails support increased investment and funding

Branded tokens

Your personal blockchain token to represent the values of your organisation

Payment systems

Pay team members and provide bonus schemes using your blockchai token

How blockchain audits work

Collect the events

Centralise data that demonstrates your impact by capturing geolocation, user details and all the information required to prove the event took place.

Blockchain audit trails

Tasks data protection system stores information in a blockchain ledger and provides alerts if the information is modified or changed in any way.

Impact verification

Activities can optionally be sent to verification teams who check the data before deeming it as genuine.

It's another layer of protection you can build into your operation, especially useful when requiring water-tight impact reports and/or providing payments.

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