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A mobile presence for your brand to build community, create impact, and get work done

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Subbrand mobile

Discover area

Publish blogs, podcasts and other content in the Discover area

Marketing comms

Push out realtime company news & updates across the business

Branded content

Use the mobile app as a website extension controlling information and messaging

Partner connect

Unlimited users frees you to engage your partners and other stakeholder networks

Custom timeline

Timeline control

A central place for the latest updates from your business, with easy social sharing of content where you permit it.

Connect to your existing blog system to automatically generate timeline content.

Custom discover

Branded Discover area

Highlight company content, publicise company projects, let your employees, customers, contractors and supporters know about your latest initiatives.

You have complete control over the mobile app Discover area.

Custom onboarding

Automated onboarding

Provide welcome journeys to new users, automate onboarding and let newcomers understand what's expected of them.

Build teams with direct email invites, easy to share invitation URLs or QR codes.

Custom nots

Team notifications

Push notification control and the ability to insert alerts into user notification pages are all part of the branded app.

Extend the reach of your marketing team by letting users know when fresh news items and blog posts have been released, rewards or other milestones achieved.

Custom rewards

Rewards & workplace giving

Bring it all together by using Task rewards with a branded blockchain token to create engaging initiatives.

Create workplace giving schemes and other types of reward mechanisms that support organisational goals.

Next feature: Custom development

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