Custom development to streamline teams

Extend your use of the Task mobile app to embed other services your organisation relies on

Less support

Reducing the number of systems makes life easy for your team

Faster onboarding

New team members have less systems to learn how to use

Rewards compatible

Provide rewards against activities from third party systems

Reduce costs

Integrating with the proven Task app saves money and time

One app, many connections

Embed applications

Allow team members to complete activities like Timesheets from inside the Task app. Bring critical data collection and activity tracking under one roof.

Connect Chat

Streamline communications by integrating existing software systems like Slack. Make it easy to share success with team members using the systems they know.

Zapier integration

Create new tasks or send completed activity data out by connecting to over 2000 other applications using our Zapier integration.

Next feature: Remote data gathering

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