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Make impact easy

Fast, scalable and mobile focussed - Task is your toolkit to make change happen.

3 ways

Connecting the dots

Improving performance and team happiness, nonprofit support, and acting as a responsible corporate citizen are all intrinsically linked.

That’s why Task provides a simple yet customisable tracking platform that lets you tie it all together.

Fast setup

Easy to use - create projects, allocate rewards, invite the team, share content and lets the team shine with leaderboards

Strengthen relationships

Show off your impact - whether corporate or nonprofit - to strengthen relationships with partners and donors

Shine a light

Increase the key performance metrics around your business and automate reports that previously took hours to create

Why task

Technology that scales

Many impact projects today are spread over a wide area, which presents additional challenges for project management and reporting.

Whether it’s a remote conservation field team or a large distributed business managing employee engagement and CSR, technology that scales easily is essential.

Fund history

Transparency at our core

Being transparent means having the ability to distribute critical data about all aspects of an organisations’ projects and the ongoing impact being maintained.

Task allows you to be transparent about how you utilise funds to hit objectives, increasing confidence, developing trust and strengthening relationships with stakeholders.


Change the way we use smart devices

There are more than 2.5 billion smartphones in the world used on average for up to 4 hours a day. Numerous studies demonstrate the overuse of smartphones can have detrimental effects including insomnia and anxiety.

At Task we aim to improve the way people interact with their devices. To take a slice of the 2.5 billion subscribers and their 4 hours daily energy expenditure and convert it to activities that have a positive net impact. Join us on this mission - let’s turn smartphones into devices that make a difference in people's lives.


Commited to the Sustainable Development Goals.

At Task we are committed to helping you measure and reach your sustainability goals with special emphasis on the UN SDGs.

When you engage with employees, raise funds, collect field data or implement education programmes, we’re here to help you hit the right goals.

A team who understands

Task has a combination of skills and experience bridging human resources, social entrepreneurship and nonprofit impact work. Our team understands your daily challenges.

Team flobbles

We form partnerships with our clients to identify solutions and set about solving global problems one step at a time - get in touch today and let’s create impact!

Here's what some of our customers say

  • Simran rangeet
    “Finding a platform capable of scaling out across 60k+ schools and multiple countries was major challenge for Rangeet - which Task addressed beautifully.”
    Simran Mulchandani
    Founder, Project Rangeet

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