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  • Remote data gathering

    Create any inspection, checklist, survey or custom business form with our online form builder
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  • Workflows

    Put your team processes onto rails by using simple workflows to organise operations with ease
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  • Team rewards

    Rewards help you push forward more effectively by encouraging groups of people to join and stay fully engaged with your mission
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  • Automated marketing

    Automatically publish content out to Facebook and Twitter when activities are completed
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  • Blockchain audit trails

    Store proof of impact from tracked activities in a blockchain ledger system
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  • Insights & analytics

    Real-time business intelligence that improves your decision making. Insights and reports you can share publicly and privately with ease
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  • Branded mobile app

    A mobile presence for your brand to build community, create impact, and get work done
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  • “Task has given ACTAsia the possibility to grow the program and to have it seen. The technology has allowed us to be able to manage a larger network and increase the potential reach whilst maintaining the quality of work.”
    Bill Boorman, #tru

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