PERMA - Student Wellbeing Tracker

The PERMA model of wellbeing is based on the five elements of Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Achievement. These elements were developed by the founding father of positive psychology, Professor Martin Selligman and this tracker closely follows them for a fully rounded picture of student wellbeing.

Data you'll be gathering and tracking

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    Diet (1.0 point, category: 6. Health)
    Exercise (1.0 point, category: 6. Health)
    Goals (1.0 point, category: 5. Achievement)
    Headspace (1.0 point, category: 2. Engagement)
    How to use the wellbeing tracker (1.0 point)
    Mood Tracker (1.0 point, category: 1. Positive Emotions)
    Positive Interaction (1.0 point, category: 3. Relationships)
    Productivity (1.0 point, category: 5. Achievement)
    Resilience (1.0 point, category: 4. Meaning)
    Screen Balance (1.0 point, category: 2. Engagement)
    Sleep (1.0 point, category: 6. Health)
    Stress (1.0 point, category: 6. Health)
    The Flourishing Scale (1.0 point)

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