Give donors insight into how their contributions are helping

Our blockchain auditing capability will help you report transparently and retain donors through real time funding insights

Leverage transparency to differentiate your organisation

Attracting donors is tough. What if there was a way to retain existing donors and turn them into brand ambassadors?

Regular giving

With simple updates you keep your donors confident to make repeat donations

Create community

Happy donors spread the word and source new supporters for your cause

Increased trust

Differentiate yourself from greenwashing organisations through proof of impact

Key features

Integrates with Blackbaud

Update supporters using your existing donor management system, keep all your data stored in one centralized database

Blockchain auditing

Lay the foundations for long term impact tracking by using blockchain innovations to provide transparent audit trails

Donor level insight

Create reports for your different categories of donors so they feel looked after and valued when providing support

Impact measurement

Make better decisions through essential management insights into the work being done out in the field

  • “Task means we are able to build meaningful data and pass on the story to the local authority teams running housing and poverty charities.”
    Bill Boorman, #tru

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