Real-time insights into how your donations are being used

Support the charities creating real impact and change.


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Understanding how your money is spent helps to strengthen the relationships you have with nonprofit partners.

Create impact

Provide support to the charities who drive the change you desire.

Inspire progress

Real-time reporting and analytics to ensure long-term confidence.

Eradicate greenwashing

Protect yourself and others by avoiding support to ineffective projects.

Easy to understand donations

Like you, we feel donating should be worry-free and easy. We believe that with simple transparency, you'll build more confidence around corporate giving.

Isn't it time charities took advantage of easy to use tracking to delight their supporters? One thing's for sure, organisations that embrace transparency create better results.

By providing charities with tools to track their impact, the donation story is clear and team performance and marketing all improve as a result.

53 up

According to GuideStar, transparent nonprofits averaged 53 percent more in contributions, increasing your chance of supporting success.

  • Mike
    “Task has been instrumental in helping us engage with young players on our PROv3 program. Members are able to see, in real time, what activities the players are involved in, where they are training and how they are performing.”
    Mike James
    Director, EveryBall UK

3 steps to successful corporate giving

Let Task navigate you through the options and deliver an effective donation plan.

Fund history
  1. 1

    Arrange a free consultation

    We'll discuss your current corporate giving plan to understand your goals and the partners you work with.

  2. 2

    Design a plan

    We'll engage directly with your nonprofit partners to implement processes for tracking donations.

  3. 3

    Track your success

    Provide ongoing reporting and analytics including content you can include in your own marketing campaigns.

Safeguard your giving

Real-time insights into how your money is being used

Safe guard your funds with performance based drip feeds

Pause your funding if the charity does not track

Monthly reports delivered to your email inbox

Impact analysis

Long term legacies

Real impact requires funding mechanisms that enable organisations to operate with long-term thinking.

Task seeks to protect you by eradicating greenwashing schemes and freeing you to provide support against ongoing results.


Blockchain powered

We use Stellar blockchain ledgers to provide an immutable paper-trail of nonprofit activity.

Task can provide smart contract ESCROW services to protect larger funding bodies.

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  • Track activities

    An easy way to gather remote data. Improve your organisational intelligence and gain insight into your team.
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  • Workflows

    Put your team processes onto rails by using simple workflows to organise operations with ease.
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  • Team rewards

    Rewards help you push forward more effectively by encouraging groups of people to join and stay fully engaged with your mission.
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  • Automated marketing

    Automatically publish content out to Facebook and Twitter when activities are completed.
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  • Blockchain audit trails

    Store proof of impact from tracked activities in a blockchain ledger system.
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  • Insights & analytics

    Real-time business intelligence that improves your decision making. Insights and reports you can share publicly and privately with ease.
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  • Branded mobile app

    A mobile presence for your brand to build community, create impact, and get work done.
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  • Custom integrations

    Extend your use of the Task mobile app to include other services your organisation relies on.
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