Task for Field Service teams

Task allows you to simplify and automate field service management and put the focus on what matters most - the people in the field.


Connect teams

Connect remote field teams by providing them a tool kit to manage business critical projects from their smartphone

Access data

Collect mission critical data from distributed teams and have it displayed back at head office on custom dashboards

Reduce operational overheads

Replace manual processes by managing and automating workflows, savings valuable time, saving businesses thousands in the process


Task hands the power back to field teams

Task can help to streamline all your in field service processes, with it’s activity management and data capture engine. By automating data collection services, and reducing manual workload a business can massively increase productivity and efficiency.

Task improves asset management processes and reduces response time for reacting to field data, and by validating activities and storing data on the blockchain your organisation can develop a far greater level of confidence with stakeholders.