Task for Educators

Task allows you to connect with, and motivate students in ways that lead to increased levels of learning underpinning existing education practises.


Engage students

Engage and motivate students with simple mobile first application for developing education related projects

Incentivise & reward

Built in rewards encourage use of the platform and increase student performance on a project by project basis

Improve results

Design education specific projects that students can engage anytime - anywhere, to help to boost individual results


Task connects you to your student base

The task platform allows teachers to track and manage pupil information across both academic & pastoral divisions. Monitor student activities and collect data to help build end of term and other curriculum relevant reports.

Create custom student programs to collect activity data and incentivise behaviour via the rewards system. From attendance analysis via geolocation reporting, to the delivery of short form e-learning content, Task can fulfill a whole host of requirements for Educators.