Everything’s clear for everyone with Task Insight

Protection for funders who support charities. A toolset for charities to supercharge performance and raise more funding.

Whether you provide funding to organisations, or you are a charity receiving donations, one thing is certain - real businesses benefit from transparency.

Goodbye greenwash

Protect your funds from “greenwashing” outfits, and funnel support to the innovative organisations making real impact.

Real-time insight

Organisations providing funding benefit from real-time analytics showing exactly where their donations are being spent.

Increased performance

Charities and NGOs can use Task Insight to track how they use funds easily, with additional benefits such as marketing and reporting.

According to GuideStar nonprofits that are transparent about the work they do averaged 53 percent more in contributions.

Raised funding

High performance charities

Being heard above the noise is hard for a charity looking for donations. Task Insight raises your profile with dashboards and social sharing that shout “we are making change happen”.

But integrating Task into your organisation isn’t just about tracking how you use funds. It allows you to increase efficiency, saving you time and automating reporting.

Fund history

Well-informed Funders

Task Insight provides you with the ability to distribute critical data about all aspects of an organisations’ activities and the ongoing impact being achieved and maintained.

No more annual reports after the fact - with Task you’ll have real-time access to the latest activities completed by the NGOs and social enterprises you are supporting.

Impact analysis

Long-term change

Real impact requires long-term thinking, and systems that allow funders to inject capital allowing ongoing accrual of impact.

By opening up the visibility of the charities’ use of funds, donors are protected. Funders are able to offer multi-year funding, but only if the charity performs against targets.


Blockchain tracking

Task use Stellar to power their publicly accessible blockchain ledgers of verified impact activity - meaning that once data is stored in Task, it can never be manipulated.

Task’s blockchain implementation brings other advantages such as low-cost payments between stakeholders, micro-economy design, and escrow systems to protect large-scale funds.

E teams

Build better teams

All organisations benefit from healthier, happier teams - Team Ignite recognises and rewards the top performers and contributors.

Whether you are a funder or a charity, you can bring Task inside your organisation to allow your teams to come together, increasing staff retention and measured productivity.


Support the Sustainable Development Goals.

Task Insight tracks progress against UN SDGs, as well as other indexes such as GRI and DJSI.

Link your project to one or more goals - track and collect verified data sets that beautifully portray your organisations SDG progress in real-time.

  • Mike
    “Implementing Task at Everyball has energised our team, automated reporting - and opened new funding opportunities to improve the top line of our business.”
    Mike James
    Director, EveryBall UK

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