Ignite teams with your brands social missions

Task supports organisations looking to mobilise teams and communities who are working on activities with positive social or environmental objectives.

Empower teams

Easy to use templates that allow your teams to work on projects from their mobile devices.

Track progress

Dashboards providing insight into project KPI’s and leaderboards to give a view of how team members are tracking with activity progress.

Provide rewards

Tokenization allows for real time tracking of projects and the ability to provide redeemable rewards to team members.

How Task works


Engage at scale

Task allows organisations to easily roll out impact projects to internal teams of employees or external groups such as members, engaging them in fun and meaningful activities that fulfill volunteer and CSR KPI’s. 



Create the projects and activities to track in minutes. Control team access with privacy settings and connect up to your existing reporting systems.



Load up your own branded rewards blockchain token or use one of Tasks - allow team members to exchange what they earn with the custom rewards defined by you.



Share the impact out on your social networks, let team members invite their friends - see your organisations’ impact scale with easy uptake and onboarding.

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