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What really happens to your social investments?

Many supporters of social causes worry about what happens to the funds they provide. Task changes that with a blockchain powered tracking system that provides new levels of transparency. For Funders this ensures complete confidence that the money is being used as intended

Funder protection

Pledge support to social causes on the basis they must provide tracking to show how your funding is used.

Real-time insight

Check your funding wallet anytime to view all transactions - who got paid for what, where and when.

Real connection

Virtually connect with the beneficiaries of your support - see the change your funding creates.


How Task tracks funding with blockchain

Task have chosen Stellar.org to create publicly accessible blockchain ledgers of impact activities. Fast, low-cost and efficient, we believe Stellar is the right partner as we champion transparency around investment and funding.


1. When you choose to fund a project, you'll pay with your local currency.


2. We convert your funding into TASK tokens, and store them in a funding wallet exclusive to you.


3. TASK tokens track payments against project activities all visible from your funding wallet.


Task ensures the projects you support are far more efficient.

Mobile activity tracking

Tasks mobile application allows projects to track team activity, letting you gain insight into how your funds are used.

Increased performance beyond tracked funding

Task provides tokenised rewards to team members and automates organisational admin such as reporting - meaning the projects you support via Task can achieve greater impact.


Discover causes to support.

A curated marketplace

Task checks the projects before they are allowed to enter the marketplace.

Team and performance

Project pages let you meet the team, view the latest activities and see statistics on how funding is going and how it is being spent.

Help create impact

Find the mission that your funding deserves.

Discover projects to support
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