For operations delivering food and other supplies to those in need

Make managing your Food Bank simpler and more efficient with Task’s workflow automation and fundraising manageandroiment solution.


Increase productivity by connecting teams and automating workflows.

Watch this 3-minute video to see some of the ways in which we solve Food Bank logistics, helping you gather and validate food requests as well as organising your delivery teams.

Food requests

Mobile access for food requests with built in verification capabilities.

Delivery management

Manage and automate the routing of your volunteers deliver schedule.

Donor insights

Social sharing for donors helps increase community support and funding.

We understand the challenges faced by Food Banks with funds and resources often stretched. We're here to provide technology that can help relieve those pressures.

With Task your teams can access their delivery schedules from their smartphones and report back on what’s been completed.

Save on administrative overheads by auto generating reports of daily operational activities and other key data points.

  • “It's time to stop obsessing about overhead and start focusing on progress. Change charity, and charity can change the world.”
    Dan Pallotta
    Watch Dan's TED Talk
“Task means we are able to build meaningful data and pass on the story to the local authority teams running housing and poverty charities”
Bill Boorman, #tru


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    Whether it’s community campaigns or large scale Food Bank, we have plans ranging from self serve to fully managed.

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